Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 28.10.17 – ft. Guttfull, Julie Anne McCambridge + Sexton Ming


Julie Anne McCambridge

Sexton Ming

This Saturday 28th October 2017 Resonance FM’s Hello GoodBye Show featured live music from Julie Anne McCambridge and Guttfull.

Plus, Episode 1 of a new mini-series kindly created by Sexton Ming especially for the show entitled ‘Mr Guttal’s Letter From The Afterlife’

*PLEASE NOTE: due to unforeseen circumstances Keeley Forsyth was unable to appear on the program as originally planned but will hopefully reschedule for a later date.


Peluché – Scared After All (Touch My Body)

Julie Anne McCambridge – Scared (LIVE SESSION)

Julie Anne McCambridge – Lazy Angel (LIVE SESSION)

Julie Anne McCambridge – See You (LIVE SESSION)

Julie Anne McCambridge – Hooligan (LIVE SESSION)

Julie Anne McCambridge – ‘interview’

Keeley Forsyth – My Father

Andy Hankdog – Margaret Finch (Hello GoodBye archive – 19.01.09)

Sexton Ming – Mr Guttal’s Letter From The Afterlife: Episode 1 – Miss Dunlop

Patrick Wray – Ouija Board

Sad Man – Five Five Five

Lucy Leave – Grief

Thee Dagger Debs – El Tren

Guttfull – Arsehole (LIVE SESSION)

Guttfull – Keyboard Warrior (LIVE SESSION)

Guttfull – Does Your Girfriend Know You’re Here? (LIVE SESSION)

Guttfull – Gaslighting M.F. (LIVE SESSION)

Guttfull – ‘interview’

Art Trip & The Static Sound – Broken Brain

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineer: Ilia Rogatchevski

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