Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 15.04.17 – ft. Lil’ Lost Lou, Gerry Mitchell + Mary Ocher

Mary Ocher and Lil’ Lost Lou performed live in session in Resonance FM‘s Studio 1 on Saturday 15th April 2017, plus spoken word with Gerry Mitchell.


Polsky – Apopalypse Now (Ode To Cracky)

Lil’ Lost Lou – This Is The End (LIVE SESSION)

Lil’ Lost Lou – The Boy From The City And The Girl From Camden Town (LIVE SESSION)

Lil’ Lost Lou – 1 And 1 Makes 2 (LIVE SESSION)

Lil’ Lost Lou – Too Late (LIVE SESSION)

Lil’ Lost Lou – ‘interview’

Joss Cope – Learn To Float

now – Nothing New

Joey Fourr – Bath Tiem

AK/DK – Lagom

Gerry Mitchell – Idiot Box (LIVE POETRY READING)

Gerry Mitchell – Thin And Cold (LIVE POETRY READING)

Electric Indigo – Morpheme (excerpt)

Polystyrene – Generation Indigo

Cheap Frills – Oh Yeah Girls

Mary Ocher – The Irrevocable Temple Of Knowledgable (LIVE SESSION)

Mary Ocher – The Endlessness (Song For Young Xenophobes) (LIVE SESSION)

Mary Ocher – To The Light (LIVE SESSION)

Wolfgang Tschegg – Die Weste

Mary Ocher – ‘interview’

Mary Ocher – Where Are We Now (David Bowie cover version)

Presented by: deXter Bentley + Gabby Cowling

Live sound engineer: Ilia Rogatchevski

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