Podcast + playlist: The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show Part 2 Resonance FM Fundraiser – 18.02.17 – ft. Efa Supertramp, Hendrik Huthoff + Sleaze

Part 2 of deXter Bentley’s Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show Resonance FM fundraiser was broadcast live between 11.30am-1.30pm on Saturday 18th February in Central London and featured live performances from Efa Supertramp, Hendrik Huthoff and Sleaze.


Unit – A Song For Eric Cooper 

The Honey Hah’s – I No U NO

Dirty Viv – Chic 

Union Street Wheelbarrows – field recording (recorded by deXter Bentley)

Viva Sherry – Honey

The Heater Ons – Zombie

Efa Supertramp – Waiting For The Sun To Rise (LIVE SESSION)

Efa Supertramp – They Call This A Fight (LIVE SESSION)

Efa Supertramp – Golau Glas (LIVE SESSION)

Efa Supertramp – Do Anything For Money (LIVE SESSION)

Efa Supertramp – All My Friends Are Freedom Fighters (LIVE SESSION)

Efa Supertramp – ‘interview’

Thom Driver – Good Question

Troels Skov Nielson – Hvor?

Anthony Silvester – Need 2 Know

Dirty Viv – Shame

Hendrik Huthoff – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe (accompanying the Barry White 7″ vinyl instrumental B-side) (LIVE VOCAL)

Fupper – I’m Fine Little Man

Howlround – A Creak In Time – Part II (extract)

Michael Garrad – Singers at Zur Letzen Instanz Bar, 19 September 2014

Robert Wells – Apak Magic

Sleaze – Girls (LIVE SESSION)

Sleaze – Universal Adaptor (LIVE SESSION)

Sleaze – Saturday Matinee (LIVE SESSION)

Guttfull – Arsehole

Trent Miller – How Soon Is Never?

Sleaze – ‘interview’

Led Bib – Too Many Cooks
Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineer: Ilia Rogatchevski

*Special thanks to all who donated so generously to this Resonance FM fundraiser: 

Unit, Tim Siddal, The Honey Hah’s, Dirty Viv, Angela Last, Motto Motto Records, Nik Clifford, The Heater Ons, Anthony Silvester, Fupper, Simon Hughes, Hendrik Huthoff, Michael Garrad, Robin The Fog, Howlround & Robert Wells 

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