Podcast + playlist: The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show (Part 1) – 13.02.16 – Ft: The Wave Pictures, Crumhorn Connection, Nadine Khouri + As Ondas

Resonance FM’s marathon fundraising extravaganza The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show (Part 1) was broadcast between 9.00am – 1.30pm on Saturday 13th February 2016.

Performing live were The Wave Pictures, Crumhorn Connection (formerly Melody Spires), Nadine Khouri and As Ondas.


Unit – Resonance Rocks Out

Unit – The Sirens

Unit – Asian Avenue

Unit – Kings Cross

Sarah Stanley & The Starlights – Tuesday Girl

Piper’s Son – Who Started This?

Greybags – Set In Stone

Jamie Paul – Time Has Told Me (Nick Drake cover version)

The Wave Pictures – David In A Field Of Pumkins (LIVE SESSION)

The Wave Pictures – A Season In Hull (LIVE SESSION)

The Wave Pictures – Tropical Fish (LIVE SESSION)

The Wave Pictures – Remains (LIVE SESSION)

The Wave Pictures – ‘interview’

Elvis Presley – ‘Drugs Dialogue’

David Bowie – A New Career In A New Town

Ian Crause – Global

The Scorpios – Deaf Father Blind Son (I Can’t See You And You Can’t Hear Me)

Unit – Karen Cooper

Unit- A Song For Lee Perkins

Unit – Thalidomide

Unit – The Kids Are All Dead

Jamie Paul – I’m Only Sleeping (Beatles cover version)

Ross Blake – New Water

Keeley Forsyth (w. boyleANDshaw) – Madness

Crumhorn Connection – Thames In Tudor England (LIVE SESSION)

Crumhorn Connection – Look Beneath The Surface (LIVE SESSION)

Crumhorn Connection – Earth (LIVE SESSION)

Crumhorn Connection – Soldiers (LIVE SESSION)

Crumhorn Connection – Moscow (LIVE SESSION)

Crumhorn Connection – ‘interview’

Now – Nothing New

Chips For The Poor + The Fifth Runway (w. Supreme Vagabond Craftsmen – #CornedBeefStew

Steve Rushton – 3 Poems

Skinjobs – Who Wants Canaries?


Sebastien Melmoth – Carcinoma

Unit – Wayne Gibson

Unit – Ode To Johannes Kepler

Unit – You Can’t Leave Now

Unit – New Face In EH4

Nadine Khouri – Ran Through The Dark (LIVE SESSION)

Nadine Khouri – Broken Star (LIVE SESSION)

Nadine Khouri – All This Violence (LIVE SESSION)

Nadine Khouri – ‘interview’

The Fifth Runway + Chips For The Poor – #KerbstoneBlues

Jamie Paul – Winchester (Wet Dog song)

Mingomoni – Omnipo

deXter Bentley – Killer Kane (sped-up)

Dan Edelstyn & The Orchestra Of Cardboard – Germans In Space

Crash & The Disasters – King Of Leyton

David Cronenbergs Wife – Sweden (Oculus III mix)

Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences – It Takes A Nation Of Idiots To Hold Me Back

Dog Chocolate – Chip Tune Mix

Nigel Haynes & Tim Siddal – A Nice Song For Nick

The Cockney Street Triage Team Band – Ilford Town Placenta

As Ondas – Iguale (LIVE SESSION)

As Ondas – Opinion (LIVE SESSION)

As Ondas – La Mujer Que Robaba Recuerdos (LIVE SESSION)

As Ondas – Historia (LIVE SESSION)

Emily Capell – Who Killed Smiley Culture?

Spinning Coin – Sleepless

Stuff – The Gospel From Outer Space

As Ondas – ‘interview’

A.J. Dehaney + Sarah Mann – Spiral Jetty – Scene 4 (29 Plays Later) (LIVE READING)

A.J. Dehaney + Sarah Mann – ‘interview’


Presented by: deXter Bentley, Ilia Rogatchevski + Tom Kemp


Live sound engineers: Ilia Rogatchevski + Tom Kemp


A massive thank you to everyone who donated towards this Resonance FM fundraiser which has so far helped raise upwards of £2,129.70.

Unit / Madame Pamita / Sarah Stanley & the Starlights / Piper’s Son / Shaun Hendry  / Vacilando 68 / Graeme Brown  / Greybags / Jamie Paul / Hendrik Huthoff / Vic Godard / Johny Brown / The Band Of Holy Joy / Ian Crause / Adam Bulewski  / The Scorpios / Ross Blake / Keeley Forsyth / boyleANDshaw / Now / Motto Motto Records / Chips For The Poor / The Fifth Runway / Steve Rushton / Skinjobs  / Richard Wilson / Adam Latham / Sebastien Melmoth / Simone Goldgate  / Mingomoni / Daniel Edelstyn / Blang Records / JJ Crash / Joe Murphy / Andrew Kerr  / Dog Chocolate / Nigel Haynes / Tim Sidall / Dave Hull  / The Cockney Street Triage Team Band / Flame Proof Moth / Dido Hallett / Rowan, Robin & Sylvie / Technology + Teamwork / Robin Price / CRX091081GB / Raf + O / Eddie Harrington / Dirty Viv / Sexton Ming / Robin Warren / Howlround / Anarchistwood / Ex Gratia Records / Bromide / Lordship Lane Carpets

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