Hello GoodBye info – 19.09.15 – Ft: Charismatic Megafauna + Zombie Crash

Live music on Resonance FM this coming Saturday 19th September. Please tune-in from midday to hear performances by Charismatic Megafauna + Zombie Crash.

Charismatic Megafauna
All-drum, all-live, all-loud !
“warped sexual assault statistics are pummelled under stick and foot, with all three members laying their catharsis upon a single drum kit. Yelped voices and vibrant playsuit colours project forth, as the group tip between skeletal punk, thunderous tribe and the brink of total collapse”- Jack Chuter, ATTN Magazine

Zombie Crash
Zombie Crash is a six-piece metal band from Brighton, England. They fly the flag for learning disability metal with wild, explosive performances and a bag full of noisy, but instantly catchy tunes.

Zombie Crash are part of Carousel, a Brighton-based arts organisation that that puts learning disabled people in control of their art. Carousel challenges expectations of what great art is and who can create it.

Their upcoming single ‘Hardcore On Tour’ will be released on the 20th October.

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