Hello GoodBye info – 02.05.15 – Ft: Butsenzeller + Brute Love


Butsenzeller and Brute Love perform live in session this lunchtime in the Resonance FM studio.
Butsenzeller is the ‘nom de plume’ of Geert ‘Bootsie’ Budts, an older youngster from Antwerp, who  spent half his life behind drumkits, soundboards, computers, turntables and on stages in many diverse bands and projects. He creates music on his own, most of the time with electronics.His new LP ‘Seqs & Drums & Rockin’ Synths’ (Jezus Factory Records) is a  groovy collection of tracks that combines the man’s passion for all things bleeping, buzzing & rustling and his first love: the acoustic drumset.
Except for mastering, pressing, printing and releasing everything is totally D.I.Y.
Brute Love are Mini Brute (Darren Hayman) and Micro Brute (Emma Winston) and the music is completely improvised, analogue and synthetic.
Two analogue synthesizers are cross patched together via control voltage technology so that one player constantly disrupts the other players’ intentions. Their music is recorded live, with no prior writing or arrangement and with no subsequent editing or fixing.
Please tune in between noon and 1.30pm on Resonance FM.
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