Hello GoodBye – 25.10.14 – Ft: Chips For The Poor + Steve Christie w. Dolly Dolly

'we gone foggy panda style out in Berlin'

‘we gone foggy panda style out in Berlin’

Live music from Chips For The Poor and Steve Christie w. Dolly Dolly.

Wholly-eccentric, quasi-industrial, semi-opaque Scat-Punk misdemeanors from Chips For The Poor (aka c4tp).

Steve Christie is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Professional Pianist and Composer from the South of England whose previous projects include an eclectic 40 track album of spoof TV music called ‘Children’s Television Themes From A Parallel Dimension’. His recent album ‘Rejuvenations‘ features 22 half-improvised piano pieces that range in style from modern day film soundtracks to Dudley Moore jazz piano music.

Dolly Dolly is a poet/surrealist/artist and musician, and in collaboration with Steve, manipulates tapes and digital recordings of all kinds of lost and found noise and then mashes it all together and then Steve adds some kind of music, mainly improvised on top.

To date, they have issued one track together called ‘Lace’ on Dolly Dolly’s recent album ‘Antimacassar‘ on Exotic Pylon Records, and there is another album of music/effects, poems and stories on the way.

Listen live via Resonance FM between midday and 1.30pm (GMT).

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