Hello GoodBye info – 14.06.14 Ft: The Fish Police, Lucy Claire + Andrea Mason

The Fish Police
Lucy Claire

Where our live performers The Fish Police and Lucy Claire may differ in musical genres, they tally in musical excellence!

Plus; Andrea Mason joins us in the studio to flag the upcoming Literary Kitchen Festival.

Combining upbeat surreal pop imagery with glitchy beats, The Fish Police have created their own unique blend of electronic future funk, pop and hip hop. Made up of Dean Rodney (singer, rapper, songwriter), Matthew Howe (guitar) and Charles Stuart (keys, co-songwriter, background vocals) they mix their love of computer games, cartoons, fast food and Japanese culture to create sounds that set them apart on the UK urban music scene.

Their new album The Marzipan Transformations, packs in references from everything from 80’s computer games to Japanese anime. The LP takes the audience on a journey into The Fish Police World, evoking everything from MF Doom to Kraftwerk along the way. Dean creates distinctive stories that give a mind-bending twist to everyday occurrences such as avoiding puddles on Deptford High Street (Fish Water) and eating fast food (Chicken Nuggets for me), while Matt gives a nod to his punk roots, building the songs around 3 or 4 simple chords. Charles adds songwriting, vocals and bass to the mix and brings a refreshing twist to everything he touches.

Lucy Claire is a soundscape artist and a contemporary classical composer with influences from the likes of Satie, Peter Broderick and Bjork. A graduate of London’s Royal College of Music, Claire incorporates binaural recordings into her own brand of lush, expansive string and piano based textures creating something truly original.

Her debut E.P ‘Suite’ released with micro-label This Is It Forever caused a wave of positive reviews and led to approval from the CMU. Lucy is releasing a follow up E.P, ‘Collaborations No.1‘ on June 16th 2014. The E.P features tracks with singer Alev Lenz and guitarist Bruised Skies who will be joining Lucy on stage at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters on the 19th June to celebrate the release.

Tune in on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via Resonance FM between noon and 1.30pm (GMT).

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