Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 12.04.14 – Ft: Ravioli Me Away, The Talented Mr. Vaux-Nobes + Hank Osasuna

Ravioli Me Away
Hank Osasuna
The Talented Mr. Vaux-Nobes

Hello GoodBye offers live performances on Resonance FM from: Ravioli Me Away, Hank Osasuna and The Talented Mr. Vaux-Nobes.

Listen again: HERE

Thomas Truax – Einen Schluck
Hank Osasuna – My Train Ain’t Coming (LIVE SESSION)
The Talented Mr. Vaux-Nobes – Home (LIVE SESSION)
The Talented Mr. Vaux-Nobes – Still Pretending (LIVE SESSION)
The Talented Mr. Vaux-Nobes – Holding You Back (LIVE SESSION)
Ichi – Go Gagambo
The Talented Mr. Vaux-Nobes – ‘interview’
Dead Flowers – Supernova
Wildflowers – Let It Go
Hank Osasuna – ‘interview’
Hank Osasuna – Mr. Tambourine Man (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – Seek
CRX091081GB – No Authority Without Hate
Witching Waves – Chain Of Command
The Space Lady – Synthesize Me
Hank Osasuna – A Different Game (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – One Kiss (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – Imagination (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – What’s It All About? (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – Euro Breakdown (LIVE SESSION)
Mammane Sani – Bodo
Hank Osasuna – Text Me In The Summertime (LIVE SESSION)
Ravioli Me Away – ‘interview’

Presented by deXter Bentley
Live sound engineering by Lisa Geurts assisted by Beth Rogers

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