Hello GoodBye info – 05.04.14 – Ft: AK/DK + Ed Dowie


Contrasting live music in the form of AK/DK and Ed Dowie on Hello GoodBye today.

AK/DK joyfully shatter musical structure into a myriad of different pieces, recombining them into a unique, prysmic, ever changing barrage of high-energy sound and melody.
AK/DK’s maiden LP, entitled Synths + Drums + Noise + Space, follows a trio of cult releases on Little Miss Echo Recordings, including last year’s ridiculously infectious cassette single Battersea. This new offering represents a slight departure from the more bit-crushed pop-joy of their previous recordings: recorded live and largely improvised, its fizzing layers of arpeggios and raging double drums will appeal to fans of Factory Floor, Dan Deacon, Raymond Scott, Can, Boredoms and Battles. Studio edits were kept to a minimum in favour of a more honest and raw recording, going some way to recreate the raucous spontaneity of their live shows.
The LP ‘Synths + Drums + Noise + Space’ will enjoy an initial limited edition run of clear 12” vinyl and is due for release on 19th May 2014.
AK/DK will then accompany this release with a series of live shows throughout April and the summer.

Ed Dowie started making music in the late 1990s with Beta Band labelmates Brothers in Sound. Ed then spent several years writing music for theatre & short films, before joining The Paper Cinema, a live animation/music collective playing shows around the UK and in Europe. In 2013, Ed released his debut solo EP, Unpacking My Library in response to the Paravion Press publication of a Walter Benjamin essay of the same name. His latest EP, The Adjustable Arm will be released in May 2014.

Tune in on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via Resonance FM between noon and 1.30pm (GMT).

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3 Responses to Hello GoodBye info – 05.04.14 – Ft: AK/DK + Ed Dowie

  1. Will it be available to “listen again”?


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