Hello GoodBye Show – 02.02.14 – Ft: Pete Seeger (first broadcast – 28.05.05)

Pete Seeger's banjo (pic. by Simon Dye)
[photograph of Pete Seeger’s banjo taken by Simon Dye]

American Folk giant and genial genius Pete Seeger sadly passed away this week at the age of 94.

In honour of his incredibly rich and fruitful life, Resonance FM will be re-airing an episode of The Hello GoodBye Show that was first broadcast live on Saturday the 28th May 2005, in which both Pete and his younger sister Peggy were our very special guests.

Tune in to Resonance FM at midnight this Saturday night / Sunday morning to hear live music and enlightening conversation with the great man himself.

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1 Response to Hello GoodBye Show – 02.02.14 – Ft: Pete Seeger (first broadcast – 28.05.05)

  1. zuludelta45 says:

    This is my very own short Pete Seeger story…Zulu Delta


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