Hello GoodBye info – 07.12.13 – Ft: Mathew Sawyer, Piper’s Son plus The Sons of Harry Lauder

Mathew Sawyer, Piper’s Son and The Sons of Harry Lauder perform live in the Resonance FM studio this afternoon.

Mathew Sawyer’s new LP ‘Sleep Dreamt A Brother’ (Fire records) is filled with mournful, lush arrangements that sound almost medieval at times with stark strings, classical guitar and piano overlaid by Sawyer’s bare, distinctive vocals and creepy foley sound effects. The record is a place. Not the representation of a place, but something inhabitable.

Piperʼs Son began around 2010 as an outlet for songs written by musician and artist Thom Driver. Over the course of a decade or so, Thom recorded many hours of musical scraps. Stray guitar chords, bits of percussion, synth sounds and ambient noises made up a rich sonic compost in which songs began to germinate.
The recently-released first Piper’s Son album, The Roar From Behind (Vacilando ’68 Recordings), was built up by drawing on this reserve of disparate material. Lyrically, it takes a multi-faceted view of the past, and how it both inhibits and drives us on.

The Sons of Harry Lauder is the new piano plus poetry, parlour-punk duo featuring the London based / Scottish born wordsmith Gerry Mitchell.

Tune in via your wireless on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line anywhere via: Resonance FM

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