Hello GoodBye info – 09.11.13 – Ft: The Leonard Cohen, Yinka and Sabatta + The James Worse Public Address Method

Kaleidoscopic spoken word from The James Worse Public Address Method on todays Hello GoodBye, featuring LIVE music from The Leonard Cohen plus Yinka and Sabatta.

Arising from an ongoing drunken collaboration between Alexander Costello (Field Marshal Tubbs) and Duncan McAfee (Bib), The Leonard Cohen have grown into a 5 piece live band including musicians with pedigree from The Projects to The City Shanty Band. Front-man Costello performs his idiotically simple lyrics (She wants in / She wants out / in, out… etc.) to a setting of rough-around-the-edges dissonant guitars, brain-dead bread-and-butter drums and dirty-dirgy bass that adds up to something you shouldn’t expect from men of their age.

The Leonard Cohen will be disbanding at Christmas.

Some have heralded him as ‘the missing link between Talking Heads and Prince’ others as the bastard child of Sly Stone and Queens of the Stone Age but London based is carving out a niche all his own.

Having fronted critically acclaimed rock band SABATTA, Yinka started on a new journey in 2012 – fusing funk, hip-hop, soul, rock and more. He also often draws upon his Nigerian heritage via syncopated rhythms, while seamlessly weaving these elements together with excellent storytelling, insistent grooves, unrelenting hooks and soulful vocals, Yinka creates that rare combination – music that makes you move to and gives you something to think about.

Yinka has played across the globe – including the UK, USA, Sweden, Turkey and France. He has shared stages with the likes of Janelle Monae and Saul Williams.Yinka has also made several film and TV appearances due to his powerful image and charisma – he’s even playing guitar in James Arthur’s debut video ‘You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You’. Uncompromising and defiantly individual, Yinka is as true an artist as you will ever see.

Yinka’s latest single Little Hipster Girl Lost is out nowhttps://soundcloud.com/yinka-oyewole/little-hipster-girl-lost
For the story behind the song check out the blog: http://lilhipgirl.blogspot.com/

Find Yinka online here:

The language of Mr Worse is familiar yet otherworldly, channelled as it is from a source he is not entirely convinced is internal.
Mr Worse is engaged in gathering these ‘Worsicles’ into an ever-expanding, continually evolving epic, entitled ‘Flark of the Dandibus’.
He hopes never to publish this, but instead for it to exist only in performance – like they used to do by the fire in longhouses, in the good old days.

There are a couple of recorded Worsicles here:

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