Hello GoodBye – 26.10.13 – Ft: Gertrude, Council Tax Band + Ruby Day

Gertrude, Council Tax Band and Ruby Day perform live in the studio this Saturday lunchtime.

Formed as a collective in 1996 Gertrude are an alternative 4 piece who weave electric cello, melodica and clarinet with traditional rock instruments to create a unique melting pot of sound. Live, the band is energetic, rhythmic and intense – with comedy moments thrown in for good measure. Gertrude draw their inspiration from many sources including the variety of student, political and artistic scenes that exist within the city.They have been influenced by punk rock’s ‘Do it Yourself’ ethos, critical feminism as well as numerous bands, events, people and happenings.

Gertrude’s new LP ‘Love Axe Wish List’ (Urban Missfits) – the group’s first ‘vinyl’ release is launched tomorrow (Sunday 27th October) with an event at The Lexington.

Consisting of two guitars, synth & drums, Bedford’s Council Tax Band write exuberant songs about boredom, disappointment and swimming pool closures; as such they’re sure to be a money-spinner with the lucrative pre-teen demographic.
James, Andy, Charlie & Laura have unremarkable haircuts, and lack an interesting backstory. Following the lead of seemingly every other sodding band in the country, their one wish is that one day they too might sell their music to be used on adverts flogging cardigans and mobile phones to the great unwashed.
You can download their first EP for FREE HERE.

Ruby Day is a London based 17 year old singer / songwriter who writes songs like this – A Little Seasick.
She says, ‘I play guitar and sing a bit… I guess you could call me a musician, depending on how loosely you use the term. I play modern folk/acousticy kinds of things. Mainly because I don’t have a band and electric guitar was too difficult.’

Tune in via a good old fashioned wireless on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via Resonance FM.

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