Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 27.04.13 – Ft: The Wharves + Rosie Okae

Rosie Okae
The Wharves

Live sessions on Hello GoodBye Resonance FM from The Wharves and Rosie Okae

Listen again: HERE

Billy Childish & Sexton Ming – Lovely Jubbly The Dung Beetle
The Wharves – Wood Chip (LIVE SESSION)
The Wharves – Fault Line (LIVE SESSION)
The Wharves – Renew (LIVE SESSION)
The Wharves – Unhand Me (LIVE SESSION)
Labasheeda – Police Song
The Wharves – ‘interview’
? – Happy Birthday Again
Ampersand – Express Level Down
Rosie Okae – I’ll believe what I can (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – Twice Born Son (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – ‘interview’
Rosie Okae – I’d like to fly (LIVE SESSION)
Rosie Okae – No Chance (LIVE SESSION)
Joanne Robertson – Ola
The Monochrome Set – waiting for Alberto

Live sound engineers: Tom Kemp + Joe Oldfield
Presented by: deXter Bentley + Ean Ravenscroft

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