Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 06.04.13 – Ft: Knalpot + Flame Proof Moth

Flame Proof Moth

Listen again: HERE

Woman’s Hour – Our love has no rhythm
Robyn Hitchcock – The Lizard
Knalpot – La Luna (LIVE SESSION)
Knalpot – Prrrt (LIVE SESSION)
Knalpot – Tom 1 (LIVE SESSION)
Graduale Nobili – Óskasteinn
Knalpot – ‘interview’
Serafina Steer – Disco Compilation
Dog Chocolate – I want to give birth
Joe Gideon & the Shark – Poor Born
Lime Headed Dog – She stamped on her pet
Halo Halo – Manananggal
Art Trip & the Static Sound – Machine Gun
Skinny Girl Diet – Eyes that paralyze
Flame Proof Moth – Are you trying to tell me I haven’t got a good pen today? (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – Jools Holland (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – Taking it steady (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – I used to be a Kalahari Bushman (LIVE SESSION)
Flame Proof Moth – ‘interview’

Presented by: Ean Ravenscroft and Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin

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