Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 02.02.13 – Ft: Little Penguin, Bob Meyer + Apostille

Little Penguin
Bob Meyer

Listen again: HERE

Umez – Z Fighters
Little Penguin – Chow (part 2) (LIVE SESSION)
Little Penguin – Chow (part 1) (LIVE SESSION)
Little Penguin -Puce Moment (LIVE SESSION)
Big Joan – Tiger
Little Penguin – ‘interview’
Table Music Meeting – 日々
Flame Proof Moth – Are you trying to tell me I haven’t got a good pen today
Bob Meyer – ‘interview’
Bob Meyer – River (LIVE SESSION)
Bob Meyer – When I’m gone (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Day – Just a little time
Apostille – Leave your body (LIVE SESSION)
Apostille – The Journal (LIVE SESSION)
Apostille – Wrong (LIVE SESSION)
Terror Bird – Outside
Apostille – ‘interview’

Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp
Presenters: deXter Bentley & Dan Frost

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