Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 01.12.12 – Dead Rat Orchestra, David Tattersall & Halo Halo

Listen again: HERE

Duke Garwood – Tapestry of Mars
Dead Rat Orchestra – Fram (LIVE SESSION)
Dead Rat Orchestra – The Geshin and the Guga (LIVE SESSION)
Dead Rat Orchestra – Kuridza (LIVE SESSION)
This is the Kit – White Ash Cut (HG archive)
Dead Rat Orchestra – ‘interview’
Great Park – Lover Oh Lover
Kitchen Winos – Mr. Innocent
David Cronenbergs Wife – What were you doing with that man at the back of the woods
The Wave Pictures – Just Like a Drummer
David Tattersall – Great Dream from Heaven (LIVE SESSION)
David Tattersall –  ‘interview’
David Tattersall – Living in the Country (LIVE SESSION)
The Fisherman Three – Time to think about the morning once again
Hallo Halo – Taro Taro Taro (LIVE SESSION)
Hallo Halo – Sunshine Kim (LIVE SESSION)
Hallo Halo – Wooden Box (LIVE SESSION)
Hallo Halo – Coming Home (LIVE SESSION)
Halo Halo – ‘interview’
Slushy Guts – Trying to be more like you but failing

Live sound engineers: Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield
Presenters: deXter Bentley & Ean Ravenscroft

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