Listen again to Hello GoodBye (10.11.12) Nótt, Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

Listen again: HERE

Hamilton Yarns – In Stereo
Nótt – Tear Of Snow (LIVE SESSION)
Nótt – Lake Keitele (LIVE SESSION)
Nótt – Red Moon, Black Pony (LIVE SESSION)
Nótt – It Was The Nightingale (LIVE SESSION)
Kostoglotov – You, Me and the Sun
Nótt –  ‘Interview’
Serafina Steer – Night Before Mutiny
Skinny Girl Diet – DMT
Viv Albertine – Still England
Boyle & Shaw – The Marmalade Factory (trailer)
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – A Proud Surrender (LIVE SESSION)
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Arica Road (LIVE SESSION)
Pepe Belmonte – The Hermit’s Waltz
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Sweet Mary Jane (LIVE SESSION)
Astrakan – The Giver You Get
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – ‘Interview’

Presenters: deXter Bentley, Ean Ravenscroft & Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin & Tom Kemp

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1 Response to Listen again to Hello GoodBye (10.11.12) Nótt, Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

    Tuesday April 22nd 2014. 8pm-Late. £14.00


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