Listen again to Hello GoodBye (03.11.12): Shimmy Rivers, Andy Hankdog & T.U.C.

Listen again: HERE

The Rude Mechanicals – Bird In My Gutter
Halo Halo – Mananangal
Andy Hankdog – Hardy Tree (LIVE SESSION)
Andy Hankdog – A380
Andy Hankdog – ‘Interview’
Andy Hankdog – Blue Barley (LIVE SESSION)
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – For A Minute There
Nott – Lake Keitele
Shimmy Rivers & & Canal – Food I Hate (LIVE SESSION)
Shimmy Rivers & & Canal – Eat Stupid (LIVE SESSION)
Shimmy Rivers & & Canal – Song Evolution (LIVE SESSION)
Shimmy Rivers & & Canal – Rusty China Toad (LIVE SESSION)
Shimmy Rivers & & Canal – Swansong
Shimmy Rivers & & Canal – Minced Oaths
Woman’s Hour – Our Love Has No Rhythm
Peepholes – Living In Qatar
Goodbye Leopold – In 40 Years
The Unhidden Collective (Olivia Preye Bradbury, Rosemary Hudson & Frances Donohoe) – ‘Interview’
Goodbye Leopold – What Are You Searching For?

Presenters: deXter Bentley & Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Joe Oldfield & Tom Kemp

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