Hello GoodBye listings info – Saturday 13th october 2012

Following hot on the heals from Resonance FM’s airing of the Best of Dear Puppeteer radio show, we continue to pay tribute to the artist Ferris Blood.

 Ferris died last year from cancer at a tragically young age and this weekend witnesses a number of events that all aim to pay tribute to his life and talent.
Ferris was the co-creator with Llyr Williams of Depressing Comics and also the brains behind the Dear Puppeteer radio show spin-off that was first aired on Resonance FM back in 2010.
Today on Hello GoodBye we feature live music from; bib, The Bronsteins & Mathew Sawyer.
Co-founder Llyr Williams will also be joining us to read from and discuss, the recently published hard back compendium of Depressing Comics.
 Intellectual boy-band bib have re-formed especially for this event and join us in the studio with their wry, observational electro-pop.
 Melinda Bronstein (The Bronsteins) performs bitter / sweet infectious pop.
 Mathew Sawyer and The Ghosts explore the outer reaches of unrequited love in a timeless, classic pop form. They are signed to Fire Records and have two albums available: ‘Blue Birds Blood’ (2007) originally released on Stolen Recordings and Catbird Records (US) and ‘How Snakes Eat’ (2010).
 All 3 of these acts are set to perform at ‘Waves of Canned Laughter’ the Ferris Blood tribute gig taking place at The 12 Bar Club (Denmark St., London) tomorrow evening, Sunday 14th October.
Details of which may be found: HERE

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: www.resonancefm.com
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