Hello GoodBye playlist – Saturday 9th June 2012

Listen again: HERE

Smack Miranda ft: Spinmaster Plantpot – Hello Spinmaster
The Telescopes – Black Eyed Dog (LIVE SESSION)
The Telescopes – We See Magic And We Are Neutral, Unnecessary (LIVE SESSION)
Nick Drake – Black Eyed Dog
The Telescopes – ‘Interview’
Three Beards – Usta Usta
Haruko Seki – Tocatta Op. 111
Shoeb Ahmad – Coronation
Leverton Fox – Mole Man
Brockley Guitar Circle – Efegy (LIVE SESSION)
Brockley Guitar Circle – Harmonics (LIVE SESSION)
Shrag – Tendons In The Night
Spin Spin the Dogs – Digging And Driving
Brockley Guitar Circle –  ‘Interview’
Sexton Ming – Evil David Bowie

Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin, Leanne Bower & Joe Oldfield

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