Hello GoodBye – Saturday 9th June 2012

Listen again: HERE

God Save The Queen – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
I Am A Kamura – Tenshi (LIVE SESSION)
I Am A Kamura – Tokyo Demonstration (LIVE SESSION)
I Am A Kamura – Cave (LIVE SESSION)
Orchestra Murphy – Being Withheld
Polka-Dot Fire Brigade – Muddy Knife
I Am A Kamura – ‘Interview’
I Am A Kamura – Fire Strings
Brockley Guitar Circle – H2G2
The Telescopes – Northumberland
Katy Carr – Leaning On A Lamp Post (LIVE SESSION)
Katy Carr – Goodnight Sweetheart (LIVE SESSION)
Katy Carr – Painting The Clouds With Sunshine (LIVE SESSION)
Katy Carr – Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer (LIVE SESSION)
Katy Carr – 4 Miles From Warsaw (LIVE SESSION)
Katy carr – Sleepy Head (LIVE SESSION)
Katy Carr – Kommander’s Car
Katy Carr – ‘Interview’

Live sound engineer – Tom Kemp

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