Hello GoodBye playlist – Saturday 19th May 2012

Listen again: HERE

Chips For The Poor – Fistula (Ladies Mix by Robin The Fog)
The Rebel – Ham House (i/ Elizabeth Marshall, ii/ I’m Imprisoned In Ham & iii/ Will Never Leave)
Jail – Knowing Me, Knowing You (LIVE SESSION)
Jail – Count Backwards (LIVE SESSION)
Jail – Billericky Fashion Forever (LIVE SESSION)
Jail – Irene (LIVE SESSION)
Jail – Coco (LIVE SESSION)
Poino – Strength Of A Cowboy
Buttonhead – Sing To The Cows
Jail – ‘interview’
Nought – Horse Shoe Face (HG archive)
Extradition Order – Canoe
Mark Tingley from Wilberforce – Patricia Row (LIVE SESSION)
Mark Tingley from Wilberforce – Far Away (LIVE SESSION)
Mark Tingley from Wilberforce – The Song They Tried To Ban (LIVE SESSION)
Serafina Steer – Ride Out
Little Sparta – Spring
Mark Tingley – ‘interview’
Rachel App – Reese
House Of John Player – Shyrite / Son Esqueet

Live sound engineers: Leanne Bower & Tom Kemp

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