Hello GoodBye playlist – Saturday 7th April 2012

Listen again: HERE

Unit – Hup Soon Heng
Design a Wave – Remedy (HG archive)
The Pheromoans – The Children of the Beatles (HG archive)
One True Dog – It’s a Delay (HG archive)
Khaos Alberto – Wizard Launch (HG archive)
Sergeant Buzfuz – Hole In The Wall (HG archive)
The Skinjobs – Money In The Bank (HG archive)
Way Through – Your Hand Hold, For I Have No More (excerpt)
Pissinboy – Six for a Fiver (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – Left Temple (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – You are Never There (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – Gentlemen of Leisure (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – She’s the One (LIVE SESSION)
Julia Holter – Try To Make Yourself a Work of Art
Pissinboy – ‘Interview’
Brickface – White Witch Hunt (James Alec Hardy’s HG archive)
James Alec Hardy – ‘Interview’
Team B – Have You Got a Pulse (James Alec Hardy’s HG archive)
James Alec Hardy – ‘Interview’
James III & B.C. – ? (James Alec Hardy’s HG archive)

Live sound engineering: Kacper Ziemianin, Leanne Bower & Joe Oldfield

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