Hello GoodBye Show playlist – Saturday 31st March 2012

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Our Resonance FM fundraising drive for 2012 culminated with the Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show, where we asked our listeners to purchase air-time – at the rate of £10 per minute – for their music, ad’s etc.
We managed to raise over £800, thank you all so much for your contributions!
Much love, dB x

R.W.M. Hunt – Home and Awa
Elephant Man Walking Tours ad.
Protagonists of David Gadsdon ad.
Chips for the Poor ad.
Calling Clowns ad.
Scott ‘Chips’ 
Slate Islands – You Are The One
Guy J. Jackson & Robin the Fog – How To Sell 50 Orange Cassettes Without Really Being Trying
Jensen Code – Under White Satellites
Datasette – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Haruko Seki – Toccata op.111
Little Sparta – Branch Water
Jude Hagg vs. The Hand of Stabs – Old Bluster Saw The Beauty ad.
Sergeant Buzfuz – Palais Des Papes, Deserted
Automato – Punk No. 1
Trolleypark – Music For A Room And Harp
Hendrik Huthoff – The Friday Side of Sunday (LIVE SESSION) written by Jed Mowshowitz
Hendrik Huthoff – Loudmouth (LIVE SESSION) written by Jed Mowshowitz
French House – Stop The Clocks
French House – Last Post For A Doomed Youth
Dirty Viv – Space Cadet
Dirty Viv – Disappearing
Unit – Eagle
Unit – Ming Hai
Unit – The Sword of Erin
Unit – Hup Soon Heng

Live sound engineer: Kacper Ziemianin

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