Hello GoodBye Show info – Saturday 17th March 2012

Two Hello GoodBye debuts this lunchtime with Tilehurst Childrens Arkestra and Teta Mona performing LIVE & DIRECT!

Formed by five old friends from Reading, Tilehurst Children’s Arkestra have been playing in and around the South East since 2007.  Their sound is as equally informed by teenage obsessions with metal, indie rock and rap music as it is by their more mature tastes in krautrock, jazz, and progressive rock – yet their main aim is to produce short, sharp, precise bursts of songs, a far cry from the endless faffing about associated with many of these genres.

December 2011 sees the release of Kopfsalatrock, Tilehurst Children’s Arkestra’s debut album, and it is the very epitome of DIY.  The album was engineered, produced, and mixed by the band.  They also produced the artwork themselves, funded it’s pressing onto 10 inch vinyl, and are releasing it in conjunction with Reading based label doubledotdash!? – a label that various members of the band have been heavily involved with since it started in 2004.

Potty mouthed perfect pop-punksters! Teta Mona is a side project that recently formed out of 2 London based bands; No Cars (Kyoko and Sachiko) and Screaming Tea Party (Teresa & Nyian). Teta Mona is a brand new project that originally began as a solo act for Teresa (ex STp, New York Howl, the Catcher Nine) but very quickly developed into a full band as the result of a spontaneous jam session that broke out at Scar studio, Camden.

And in conjunction with Resonance FM’s current fundraising drive the Hello GoodBye Show is selling off a show minute by minute – at the rate of £10 per minute!Use the time to promote your band/cause/political views/small business/megaglobal corporation. Email us at: dexterbentley@hotmail.com to find out how to buy time on our ‘Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show 2012′ (scheduled for broadcast on Saturday 31st March between noon and 1.30pm)

Last year we sold all 90 minutes and a bit more (we went over into the next week’s show) making just over £900 for Resonance FM, let’s see if we can beat that this year!

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: www.resonancefm.com
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