Hello GoodBye Show playlist – Saturday 3rd December 2011

Listen again: HERE

Jess Cahill – Mon habit n’a qu’on bouton / Ou sont donc tous ces amants
Jad Fair – Song of Joy (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Secret (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Red Dress (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Candy Land / Superman (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Mule in the Corn (LIVE SESSION)
Iggy Pop – Monster Men
Jad Fair – ‘Interview 1’
Lovely Eggs – Allergies
Jail – Irene
Gentle Friendly – The Shake Up
Tiger Walking Downhill – ‘Untitled’
Rude Mechanicals – The Vicar of St. Martins
Jad Fair – Firecracker (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Cherry Pie (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – True Believers (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – 1,000,000 Kisses (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – I’ll Change My Style (LIVE SESSION)
Dead Rider – The Pointed Stick
Big Joan – Noah’s Farm
Jad Fair – ‘Interview 2’

Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin & Leanne Bower

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