Hello GoodBye Show playlist – Saturday 10th September 2011

Listen again: HERE

Lumpen Noblemen – Scaling The Yablonois
Now – Monotone Plug Suggestion
Jason McNiff – Tombola
Lime Headed Dog – Labrador (HG archive)
Cleckhuddersfax – A Decree
Emily & the Faves – I Never Saw (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – Lazy (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – This Time (LIVE SESSION)
Sexton Ming – Evil David Bowie
Sexton Ming – Interview
Bird Radio – London The Forest
Scuzz Homo – Satan Is A Secret Nappy Fetishist
Sexton Ming – Feed The Bread To The Byrds (LIVE SESSION)
Sexton Ming – Goodbye Eric
Emily & the Faves – Is It Still Nighttime? (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – Sometimes (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – Golden Hair (LIVE SESSION)
Stealing Sheep – I Am The Rain
Emily & the Faves – Interview

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