Hello GoodBye Show playlist – Saturday 28th May 2011

Listen again: HERE

A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen – Farmers With Televisions
Skinjobs – Howdy Do (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Skinjobs – Who Wants Canaries (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Skinjobs – Beautiful Sea (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Skinjobs – Money In The Bank Vs. Money In The Pocket (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Xerox Teens – Cousin Called Jonathan (Live @ 12 Bar Club 11.09.04 – HG archive)
Milk Kan – Junk Yard
Ten – The Absent (LIVE SESSION)
Ten – Winter Light (LIVE SESSION)
Serafina Steer – Half Robot
Lime Headed Dog – Excited
Las Kellies – Totsunootoshigo
Maria & The Mirrors – Magadan ’92
Gertrude – Pigs In Mud
Gerry Mitchell w. Ten – Die To Love (LIVE SESSION)
Gerry Mitchell w. Ten – Faker Quaker (LIVE SESSION)
Hot Head Show – Payload

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