Hello GoodBye Show playlist – Saturday 30th April 2011

Listen again: HERE

Mari Elliot – Silly Billy
The Windsors – Baby Oscar’s Birthday (LIVE SESSION)
The Windsors – Hut (LIVE SESSION)
The Windsors – The Orient (LIVE SESSION)
The Broken Family Band – Borrowed Time
Erin K & Tash – Jiggy Miggy
The Windsors – Interview
Flame Proof Moth – Americans In Nunhead
The Mekons – Prince Of Darkness
Ferris Blood – The Count (Dear Puppeteer – Episode 2: Pure Fantasy *excerpt)
R.D.F. – Rebel Soul
Foss – Katharsi
Jess Bryant – Stone Lady
Now – Party
Electricity In Our Homes – Don’t You Want To? (Follow)
The Choo Choo Trains – Colours (LIVE SESSION)
The Choo Choo Trains – No. 38 To Your Heart (LIVE SESSION)
The Choo Choo Trains – Save Me (LIVE SESSION)
The Choo Choo Trains – Hilma (LIVE SESSION)
Splodgenessabounds – 2 Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps Please
Fireworks Night – One Winter, One Spring
The Choo Choo Trains – Interview
X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours!

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