Hello GoodBye Show Playlist – Saturday 12th March 2011


Chips For The Poor – Weather Channel
Poino – Bad Bag (LIVE SESSION)
Poino – Cutless Hammock Compound Swipe (LIVE SESSION)
Poino – Snakes Say Wow (LIVE SESSION)
Leila Adu – Fortuna
Poino – Interview
Wet Dog – I Can’t Say It
Pet Scenes – Living The Dog
Chips For The Poor – Audio Tour Diary From Chicago
Extradition Order – Your Brow Furrowed
The Count Of Chateau Noir – The Dead Language
Comus – Diana
fos – Un Coutral (LIVE SESSION)
fos – With The Seagulls II (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – I Stole The Cutty Sark
fos – Interview

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